Punkasila trio April 21


It was a cheeky Wednesday night down at Melbourne’s Tote Hotel and Indonesian art punkers Punkasila were leaving for home the next day. Fresh from performing ‘The Lepidopters: A Space Opera’ in collaboration with Melbourne’s Slave Pianos, Indonesian singer/dancer Rachel Saraswati, the 40-member Astra Choir and virtuoso pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, there was a sense of […]

Alex Lewis and Jake April 18


It stairs are your thing then you won’t be able to pass CCAS Manuka right now. Ascend Descend is the last of the studio residents  solo shows for 2014 and (as one has come to expect from Alex Lewis) its a ripper. Alex’s long term poetic exploration of moody architecture hones in on stairs and Ascend Descend reflects his […]

crucifixion-fail-o April 17


Hey dudes, its almost Easter again and time for the easter message. And what a cracker it is this year. Found this gif of some religious folk doing a crucifixion reenactment and it FAILED. Hope you haven’t choked on your easter eggs because we certainly don’t need any extra death at this time of year, symbolic or otherwise. […]

Infinity pizza April 16


  Straight after Easter its time for pizza at CCAS. Come to our AGM on WEDNESDAY 23 APRIL at 6PM and we will give you a free copy of CCAS’s newly released book CCAS2013 (its fabulous) designed by Karmin and Jacinda from New Best Friend. You will also get dinner with gourmet pizzas and designer beers. […]

Copyrighted image must credit Mick Richards on all uses. April 16


Our man in Brisbane had a big night out after “shooting the Ben Quilty at The Collage of Knowledge”.  He arrived late at Andrew Baker Art Dealer  for Preludes by Anna Carey and Majority Rule by Michael Cook. But never daunted …. “Dual bars upstairs and downstairs severing great booze and plenty of it ! ”  says […]

drawing 4 April 10


Here is a progress report from Jemima who is drawing on the wall at CCAS Manuka. The completion of the work will conclude her show Mostly Observed and she is having a closing party at 5pm on Sunday 13. There will be drinks and some more merriment and a chance for everyone to see how much my wall […]

Jonathan Webster and Tif April 09


One could be forgiven for wondering if Jonathan Webster is a bit of a new romantic (as opposed to a neo-romantic). If you are trying to get your head around that I mean completely new rather than a revival. The apprehension, awe and heroic common in romantic painting are not evident in his new works but […]


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