Helani at the bar a la bar at the Folies Begere October 24


PULSE: Reflections on the body Find out everything you always wanted to know about the body (but were afraid to ask) at CMAG right now. This show curated by Mark Bayly includes 27 famous aussie artists and is bound to hold audiences in thrall while also being informative and highly entertaining. And hey …  our very own […]

Hardy Lohse October 22


Martin James and Hardy Lohse are two local legends who have serious concerns about the ways Australia is dealing with the global (and regional) issue of how to accommodate refugees. In recent times both have focussed on aspects of this problem through their work, Hardy with photo media and Marty with print media. For both artists its […]

Shellaine at Bone Idol 2 October 22


UP NEXT at CCAS Manuka we have the fabulous Shellaine Godbold. No stranger to the glare of publicity and omnipresent paparazzi, Shellaine is often seen in the social pages – so much that we have had to give her a rest from time to time due to over exposure. This post includes some selected highlights of Shellaine’s […]

737940-3x2-700x467 October 21


“The fun is where I am.” Gough Whitlam, Prime Minister of Australia 1972-1975 Its fair to say that Contemporary Art Spaces like CCAS would not be around, at least not in their present form, were not for Gough Whitlam. Nearly all of the CAOs organisations are to some extent the conceptual children of Gough’s time, […]

Jacqueline Bradley and Sabrina Baker October 17


 Jacqueline Bradley was announced winner of the first Harris Hobbs Small Sculpture Prize at Canberra Grammar School last night. Upon the announcement Jacqui was heard to say “Oh shit!”, and later, that she has never won an art prize. She was severely reprimanded by both Sabrina Baker and David Broker who pointed out that she had indeed won first […]

Madeline Bishop October 16


Madeline Bishop gives some ordinary folk and Aussie icons the monumental treatment in Monuments at CCAS Manuka. This exhibition of large imposing photographs is nothing short of intense and Madeline has cleverly imbued all of the works with the atmosphere of a great painting – think Da Vinci, Raphael, Caravaggio …. but this is not to say that Monuments […]

Chris October 16


  Anja Loughead took the photo sfor Pocket Holiday the second Zonk Vision event hosted by CCAS over the last couple of years. Coordinated by Danny Wild who performed his new work in a big pocket this Friday night vacation included performance and video from a host of talented artists including Ellis Hutch and Lucy Quinn doing big origami, Greg […]


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