Kate Smith September 19


  War is so now… When Kate Smith’s Headspace was in production, however, she couldn’t possibly have imagined just how topical her content would become. The very day of Kate’s opening Aussie troops are off to Iraq for round three. Headspace is a construction (read installation) of drawings and objects, and drawings as objects, that takes over the entire Manuka […]

Susan Buret September 04


Not too much on the walls at CCAS Manuka at the moment and that’s because its floored ! Susan Buret is already well known for her work with geometric form and pattern, and in this installation of paintings the audience is able to look at painting in a new way from several different angles.  Floored dominates the […]

Kiri and Daniel Savage August 29


There  was another episode in EASS (Emerging Artists Support Scheme) saga last night. This is ANU Art School’s brilliant program that brings new artists together with community organisations/galleries throughout the year. And star of this particular show is CCAS Studio Resident Daniel Savage exhibiting his latest work in the Belconnen Community Centre’s  gallery. Given the inclusive nature of the venue Dan’s show […]

Kate, Peter and Shannon August 23


A very rare photo of Peter Maloney above and what a cracker!  Looking gorgeous in hot mustard …. Its thanks to Kate and Shannon who wanted to create an explosion of colour and in this they were extremely successful. It was two openings for the price of one :  Action Stations curated by Alexander Boynes with Peter Maloney and […]

Nick and Sacha Pola August 21


Having scarcely emerged Sacha pretty much re-emerged last night with a new name (Pola), a shitload of new work and with, if not a new practice, then certainly a new direction. His highly expressive paintings and drawings come with traces of Bacon, Hockney and Freud, an extraordinary lineage but Sacha has stepped up to the plate. Perhaps […]

Collette Brennan, Michael Cook and William Yang August 19


  Mick called into the opening of William Yang’s My Generation at Andrew Baker Art Dealer on Friday night and left with some stunning photos.    

Dan Vukovljak, Shane Breynard and Ann McMahon August 16


It says a great deal about CCAS members that in an exhibition themed #selfie not one actual selfie was entered. (Something of a relief though) The members have taken a phenomenological approach, exploring the concept of the selfie with some really interesting self portraiture  that variously comments on this contemporary phenomenon. There is a set […]


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