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Time travel coming to CCAS members soon ….

#freethearts Canberra 1 May 25


Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock you will have heard by now that the 2015-16 Federal Budget has had a significant (negative) impact on the Australia Council. This is not so much about cuts but rather about moving funds in other directions such as the transfer of $104.7 million from the Australia Council, […]

Annika May 21


The is a hint of the outsider in Annika Harding’s Damn which opened at CCAS City last night. Neither over stated or contrived Annika’s works are most notable for their sincerity and simplicity. She is very able to make an her political/environmental point without pretension or fanfare and this is her strength … concise comments about […]

Llewellyn McGarry May 15


Llewellyn McGarry’s practice has been concerned with the way that human relationships define and shape one’s idea of her identity and this can sometimes mean a preoccupation with “others”, family, friends and colleagues for example. Chatting with Llewellyn last night she mentioned that this current exhibition is more about her, focussing on the body as a shell for […]

Alex, Erica and Jemima May 14


Big fun opening at ANCA last night for CCAS, and many others, favourites, Alex Lewis and Jemima Parker.  Erica Seccombe was the mistress of ceremonies and gave an inspiring speech that took all of two minutes, probably less, since David Broker and Dennis Ferris got into a mid speech spat over who was most responsible for Alex and […]

IMG_1123 May 01


Catfish Blues is one of those (fairly rare) exhibitions that its really good to be photographed in, and not just because it has pink lighting making everyone look fabulous – like in a butcher’s shop. Francis uses intense coloured lighting to bounce off and around the gallery and everything in it including the audience is illuminated in […]

200 April 20

AGM 2015

Don’t forget the annual CCAS Gourmet Beers and Pizza AGM on Wednesday evening 22 April at 6pm. Yes that’s right folks we are bribing you. Many will testify that its the best fun you can have on a Wednesday night and over the past few years AGMs have been quite entertaining. What we promise: A short […]


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