Space man February 21


Fuelled by a lifetime fascination with manned spaceflight and frustrated with Australia’s lack of a space program, sculptor Tom Buckland has developed his own DIY backyard space expedition agency. Tom must have thought that he had landed on a planet very close to the Sun last Thursday night as temperatures soared for the opening on Contact Light […]

Alycia, Cat, Tom, Kon and Josh February 21


Blaze started out as an exhibition for the CCAS Studio Residents and it has grown in stature over 11 years to get us where we are to day with a celebration of emerging genius. Our guest curator, the fabulous Sally Brand, added The Uberigine and Alex Hobba to residents Josh Owen, Cat Mueller, Tom Buckland, […]

Alicia February 03


Alycia Moffat’s oeuvre has often focused on fabrics, garments (or parts thereof) that interact/connect with bodies over periods of time. One of her previous exhibitions for example, Unmentionables, consisting of deconstructed underwear set the scene for an expose of the interface between skin and clothing. For the moment and for Someone else’s bed Alycia has moved on from the […]

Marie Hagerty, Bella Lugosi (2016) oil and enamel on canvas, 279cm X 152 cm courtesy of the artist February 02


 Firstly the good news: Three out of Peter Haynes’ top five art picks for 2016 were CCAS exhibitions, Marie Hagerty’s Blue Blooded, Thoroughly Modern curated by David Broker, and Frazer Bull Clark’s The Big Shave. This is hot on the heels of Canberra Critic’s award to Denise Higgins and Gary Smith “for their ambitious, immersive […]

Erik Krebs-Schade December 15


The last of CCAS’s openings for 2016 kicked off at CCAS City last night and a lovely opening it turned out to be. It came with a welcome cool change and drew a laid back crowd of appreciative punters.  Take a Load Off is what it says it is – as Erik strips a selection of […]

christmas-romance-novels-2013 December 14


  A Christmas message from the desk of David Broker I have noticed that many people across the nation are eagerly awaiting Christmas this year, not because they love Christmas, but rather because its been a “shit year” and they can’t wait for it to end. Count me in on that one – as we at […]

Tom Farell (1) December 13


Just opened at CCAS Manuka is Tom Farrell’s eagerly awaited exhibition The Contemplative Life. Tom’s work has an intense focus on human relationships that are of the moment, perhaps similar to, Henri Cartier Bresson’s “decisive moments” but figuratively painted rather than photographed. There is an “American Gothic” feeling about some of the distinctively painted characters […]