Jason Phu and Ramesh August 31


Time flies in the very fast world of contemporary art and CCAS opened three more excellent exhibitions on Friday night with three blokes who are currently turning heads around the nation …. Byrd #Inurtiacreeps, Jason Phu I haven’t made the work yet, but I’ll be there a week beforehand which should be plenty of time and […]

Jay August 18


  It was 50 shades of Jay at CCAS City Wednesday night as Jay Kochel opened a new exhibition with the somewhat provocative title No feeling whatsoever. Not sure what it means exactly but its effective – got me thinking. Despite Jay’s initial revelation that he didn’t know the measurements of the gallery the work […]

Tony ... and Søren July 19

2º is an exhibition about climate change. It includes eight artists who are far from sceptics (obviously) and have produced works that express their personal concerns, with blunt messages on global warming, using a diversity of materials very effectively.While Søren Dahlgaard’s The Inflatable Island which travels the world drawing attention to rising sea levels is a scene stealer, the suspense of David Buckland’s melting iceberg is chilling […]

Robert and his work Ossalites July 14


CCAS staff are shocked and saddened to hear that popular ACT artist and designer Robert Foster died yesterday in an accident on the notorious Kings Highway between Canberra and Bungendore. Robert was a graduate of the ANU School of Art, (Gold and Silversmithing) and just last year was awarded the university’s Alumnus of the Year for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. One […]

Shags has vision of Finland in the 1960s July 13


Obviously we love it when our ex CCAS studio residents go on to produce amazing exhibitions and Highway to the Wilderness which opened at ANCA last night was one such occasion. Anja Loughhead’s ripper new show is a conceptual masterpiece that deals with what is a common issue in multi cultural Australia – reconnecting with […]

Neil and Sid July 11


“Like Christmas for old people” was one description of Quick Draw, CCAS’s innovative concept in fundraising that went off like a frog in a sock on Saturday night. Punters who paid $250 for a ticket all went home with art works and the standards were very high indeed – so no one was disappointed. Works […]

Shags and Kirsty July 09


Shags has been a rock solid supporter of CCAS and second most photographed woman in the CCAS social pages (after Shellaine) for over a year now. Without Shags and 7 other volunteers helping out we simply wouldn’t be able to do all the stuff we do. Attending a proprac session at CMAG early 2015 Shags […]