IMG_1123 May 01


Catfish Blues is one of those (fairly rare) exhibitions that its really good to be photographed in, and not just because it has pink lighting making everyone look fabulous – like in a butcher’s shop. Francis uses intense coloured lighting to bounce off and around the gallery and everything in it including the audience is illuminated in […]

200 April 20

AGM 2015

Don’t forget the annual CCAS Gourmet Beers and Pizza AGM on Wednesday evening 22 April at 6pm. Yes that’s right folks we are bribing you. Many will testify that its the best fun you can have on a Wednesday night and over the past few years AGMs have been quite entertaining. What we promise: A short […]

Jacob Potter April 17


Jacob Potter’s neo abstract grunge (just made that up) has really hit a chord with lots of people. Its the kind of work that defies aesthetics but somehow Jacob’s clashing materials, colours and discordantly applied paint always looks perfectly integrated. He has the touch whatever that is. Scab pulled a big crowd at CCAS Manuka last night […]

Brian Smith and Nick April 16


CCAS CITY opens with Fritz Who? an exhibition by Brian Smith At last CCAS City has opened ! This exciting new space sponsored by Canberra City Framing in the heart of Civic, close to the shops, provides a great compact space for artists to show and sell work. Exhibitions will be at 4-5 week intervals and […]

Joy Burch (ACT Minsister fro the Arts), Suzie Campbell (Chair Ainslie+Gorman Art Centre) and Joseph Falsone (Director Ainslie+Gorman Art Centre) April 15


Not since a sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh sitting naked by the lake (Down by the Lake with Liz and Phil) was violently beheaded in 1995 has a another sculpture (or part thereof) had such a torturous tale to tell. On the Staircase by Keld Moseholm in Petrie Plaze Civic has been victim of […]

Kim April 12


Artists and miners might seem like strange bedfellows but that just makes this encounter all the more interesting. In 2007 six artists trekked to the Tanami Gold Mine some 650 kilometres from Alice Springs and immersed themselves in what can only be described as a rather foreign  environment. Rachel Bowak, Pip McManus, Drew Moynihan, Nic Hempel, Kim Mahood […]

Survey box by Cat Mueller (2013) April 07


We know y’all don’t especially like surveys but here is an excellent opportunity for ACT artists and artsy types to say what they think about the current state of the arts in Canberra. Check it all out below and don’t be shy – while the ACT might have a fab art scene there is always […]


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