Shags and Chris October 03


Its the time of year when the CCAS studio residents give a hint of what they are or have been doing and put it up in the SoA  Photospace. Then stacks of people come and drink lots of wine. There is one work by each of the residents Isobel Rayson, Kael Staesce, Joel Arthur, Chris […]

Julia October 03


Julia Thwaites boldly went where no one has ever dared to go and transformed CCAS Manuka into a quasi church. Blue Christendom fractures some very old christian traditions by drawing attention to them with latin phrases and blokes in various poses (or more appropriately positions). Her beautiful monochromatic monotypes are not exactly portraits but subjects are […]

Lizzie Hall and a friend September 18


Lizzie Halls weetbix bricks (or are they wheatbrix!) raise some interesting issues. Aussie kids (we were and probably still are told) are weetbix kids. While almost good enough to eat they do make for an impressive if slightly odd installation that calls to question the whole business of a Australia “protecting” itself from anything perceived to be too foreign. […]

Janet and Anna September 18


Janet Angus has a knockout exhibition at CCAS CITY right now …. a series of paintings that transport the audience into a third dimensional mind space represented by architectural fragments. In other words these paintings are actually 3D constructions that attempt to represent the structure of the human mind. (Only the big issues for Janet!) […]

Seriph, LlewelynMcGarry, Phoenix, Griffin and Matthew September 10


2 CCAS studio residents and one Ph.D candidate ANU Art School and you have a show – and its all about small rituals. That’s those little things one does on a daily basis ad infinitum and ad nauseum that don’t really mean anything until they are documented, processed, digested and thus become art. Naturally the work […]

Gwenna and Ruby September 04


Its a case of like mother like daughter unless its the other way round and that would be unlikely. So now we have the in depth arts analysis out of the way it time to focus on Self-Help, an exhibition of out there paintings and ceramics by Gwenna and Ruby Green. The story of this […]

IMG_3979 August 30


In a couple of very busy weeks for CCAS Footy Fever had a climatic opening on Friday night with some appropriately dubious behaviour (although it must be said there was no dacking and for that we can be thankful). Must have been due to the punters wearing their favourite footy gear and getting free drinks for every […]


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