Daniel Savage February 21


At the beginning of every year CCAS celebrates the future of contemporary art in the ACT with an exhibition of work by emerging artists who have made an impact over the pervious year. Now heading for its 10th anniversary Blaze is an ongoing archive of new art produced in the ACT and it is always impressive. […]

Aaron Garlick February 19


In 1967 Edward de Bono coined the phrase “lateral thinking” and it became very influential – entering into the language of popular culture as “thinking outside the box . It was all about solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be […]

works (clockwise) Jacob Potter, Chris Sutevski and Anja Loughead February 12


Next week at CCAS 9 of Canberra’s hottest new artists explode onto the scene 6pm Friday 20th February. They are in no particular order : Anja Loughhead, Chris Sutevski, Jacob Potter, Danny Wild, Daniel Savage, Madeline Bishop, Jo Walters, Sacha Pola and Michele England. There is some amazing work coming in and we are getting very excited about […]

Shellie and Alex February 11


Every town has at least one “pocket rocket” and in Canberra its Shellaine Godbold. Multi-talented Shellaine made her curatorial debut last night at the Leta Gallery + Project Space and thus she adds another triumph to her ever expanding repertoire. The Leta Gallery is a small (but functional) space in one of Canberra’s industrial estates, […]

Andrew and Chris Sutevski February 05


We expected great things from model Studio Resident Chris Sutevski and he has sure delivered. rock roll repeat is the first of the CCAS Studio Residents Solo Shows and its a cracker. Well noted for being an innovative print maker and draftsperson Chris’s processes are every bit as interesting as his finished works. The clever […]

Tim and Chris Carmody February 04


No need to photograph anyone else when the Carmodys are around …. there is simply no competition. And having got that piece of shameless superficiality out of the way lets consider Chris Carmody’s eagerly awaited show Verbatim which opened at ANCA last night. Once a CCAS Studio Resident Chris has wowed and confounded his audience with […]

Nick and Pete January 28


Great people tend to have great friends and Sylvie Stern was no exception. People from every walk of art turned up in veritable droves at M16 Artspace yesterday afternoon to remember Sylvie. As one might expect it was none too difficult to strike up a conversation with complete strangers. Two walls of photographs and a slide […]


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