The Barbed Maze December 05


It was a work that scarred everyone who saw it and worked on it … for life. But the general feeling is The Barbed Maze was worth every bit of the pain. The risk management plan was a work of art in itself … It was one of those works that made you feel that visual arts […]

Uncle Larry Walsh November 28


    Since 1990 Feral Arts has been a legendary community arts and cultural development service organisation based in Brisbane. Perhaps not so well known outside Queensland until quite recently, the Ferals stepped up to the national plate at the beginning of what we now refer to the funding crisis (no need to explain that one!). Enter Arts Front at the […]

Sara and Enrico November 17


This post will follow the Australian adventures of Enrico Partengo our inaugural artist in residence for the CCAS/RESÒ International Art Exchange Residency Program. This exciting project has seen Canberra based artist Kirsten Farrell go to Turin where she has been busy producing and exhibiting work while networking with artist and curators. Enrico arrived in Canberra on Monday morning 7 November following four […]

Katy November 16


Art After Dark + Ride in the Inner South Arts Hub is kind of like a pub crawl except one goes from gallery to gallery rather than pub to pub. You can walk, ride a bicycle or drive as long as you stay off the vino or sangria, as the case may be. Its a really […]

Anja Loughhead and Sabrina Baker November 10


FABBO show opened at ANCA last night curated by our very own Sabrina and CCAS super favourite Anja (pictured above doing the dishes which is the odious task of every curator). As it happened it was a very cool opening and as Gus said to the curatorium, “You guys really know how to curate a […]

Anja November 07


HIGH RISE LOW RISE coming to CCAS Canberra 9 December. Artists: Anna Carey, Claudia De Salvo, Anja Loughhead, Monique Montfroy, Millan Pintos-Lopez and Kael Stasce.  Curators: Rebecca Ross and David Broker High Rise Low Rise began as a mentoring program with Rebecca Ross Artistic Director of The Walls Art Space and David Broker Director of Canberra […]

Lars November 03


Maintaining the very high standard of exhibitions at CCAS City Lars Wetselaar opened last night with a spectacular series that responds to two trips through an around Australia. These incredibly skilful works use second hand lead on geometric backings. Says Lars, “To define or recreate what I saw is unnecessary, it’s the sensibility of that experience […]