IMG_1759 July 23


Those things in your grans knicker drawer probably left undiscussed are the theme and title for shows by Alycia Moffat and Claire Lenehan that opened at CCAS Manuka last night. Using twisted duct tape and various modes of drawing Alycia turns underwear or more accurately the idea of underwear into innovate, critical, intelligent and yes … amusing works […]

Sabrina, Millan and Ji-Shen July 23


CCAS and RK Lawyers Canberra passed the compatibility test with flying colours last night at a brilliant launch for our new corporate partnership. High above University Ave gathered some of Australia’s finest legal minds along with artists, CCAS staff and RK’s clients. Such was the level of cordiality that a number of guests seemed reluctant to leave! Victor Harcourt (Principal RK) […]

Paul, Claire Pendrigh and Owen July 13


Two for the price of one  on Friday night as Innerspace opened at CCAS and the Ainslie bit of the Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centres kicked off with a very reasonable party indeed. ( Ainslie looks great but the Gorman wing is in URGENT need of the same attention before it sinks into the primeval slime !) It was […]

Riley and mates July 10


Not even going to attempt to compete with Riley’s artist’s statement because its a cracker. Suffice it to say that his show at CCAS Manuka opened with an explosion of wine and beer induced joy last night. No doubt there will be a few sore heads this morning. The camera got passed among Riley, Lucy […]

Chris Alex and Annika July 03


Two wonderful exhibitions, Un-resettling James Tylor and  The Waves + Controls Rooms Chris Bennie, opened at Photoaccess last night and because it was Photoaccess we left the photography to Director Jan Falsone who has done a brilliant job … although that is scarcely surprising ! CCAS’s David Broker opened the exhibitions since he has known Chris for yonks, […]

Dave and Shellaine July 02


Third show ever at CCAS City and right now, its the lovely (and much photographed) Shellaine Godbold. You can always rely on Shellaine to pull an enthusiastic crowd and last night was no exception. She has very attractive friends but we are not here to gossip. In this exhibition of gorgeous watercolours with pencil on paper […]

Greg and Jock May 31


Before we begin: here is an eagerly awaited pic of Clare and Greg with brand new (much photographed already) baby May who came over Friday arvo for a preview of the show. As the evening came to a reluctant close the photos became increasingly blurred and that means one thing … a  great opening! CCAS was packed […]


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