Byrd February 06


Dropped into the Belconnen Art Centre Friday night for the opening of two FAB shows Dream Machine and Messages from Canberra: Screen Printed Posters from Megalo. “Street artist” Byrd (Dan McGinnity) has been working with young local people from diverse backgrounds to produce a bus and bus stop that is imbued with the stories of […]

Issy February 04


Its already the second of the 2015 Studio Residents exhibitions and its another cracker. Isobel (Issy) Rayson explores the very notion of mark making in considerable detail (as she does). But Issy takes it one step further, viewing art production, in particular “drawing”, as evidence of her presence or absence in a certain place or time. Its […]

Karen Florance February 04


Currently at CCAS City we have the fabulous Caren Florence, legendary Canberra book and print maker. Caren’s interest in the minutiae of texts or the printed word is very much evident in this elegant and quite simply gorgeous exhibition which is based on a solitary wood type character whose alphabet has been lost. Karen describes […]

Jas&Dierdre February 03


It was an inauspicious start to CCAS Social Pages 2016 beginning with a flat camera battery. Phone photos just don’t cut it but they will have to do. The focus at CCAS Manuka last Thursday night was Deirdre Pearce who boldly stepped out to mount the first of the CCAS Studio Residents solo exhibitions for 2016. […]

Brett and Vivi December 10


Jenna Poore (pictured below) was awarded with an exhibition at CCAS City for her work in the Visual Arts Diploma course at Canberra Institute of Technology. 2016 will be a busy year as Jenna and several other graduates of this course head for the ANU School of Art. CCAS Director David Broker opened the exhibition with an entertaining speech […]

Dan and Tom December 10


Mr Versatility … Daniel Vukovljak surprises his audience again with a new body of tiny (well not miniatures but smallish) prints that have an olde world feel about them. Each stands as a kind of inquiry and upon closer inspection you will find surprising modern references “hidden” amongst the antique ambience. In fact ….. “Pursuing […]

Familiar faces December 07


It was an unusual opening Friday night as it coincided with the Ainslie+Gorman Art Centre’s Summer Garden Party. As a result of the clash of licences throughout the centre CCAS forwent its bar to provide drinks for artists and friends in the office. Thus an office party ensued …. At the same time three fantastic […]


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