At M16 last night the paparazzi thought they had really lost it. Spanish, it appeared at first, was first language – for the second night in a row! Fortunately the penny  dropped before the medicos were brought in – but absolutely no thanks to Ben Forster and Sarah Firth who were wearing white coats, glasses and stethoscopes . To its enormous credit the Embassy of the Argentine Republic  was out in force to support Fernando do Campo and Richard Blackwell’s two exhibitions in one, MYSPACE/PAINTSPACE + ENVELOPE . (For the benefit of artists and audiences in the poorer rest of the country, there’s nothing quite like the suits and limos of an embassy entourage to raise the tone of your opening.) While Fernando and Richard are scarcely two peas in a pod they both have common concerns that can be located in architecture, form, space and abstraction. And they did a great job  organizing their very different works to emphasize that point in a cohesive exhibition. Nice hang boys! At M16 until 30 August and again there is no time to lose.   

Ben and Fernando

Nick and Fernando

Richard and Ben (?)

Richard and Ben (don't ask)


Phil and Paul

Phil and Paul