There was a special treat (possibly two) awaiting ccas director David Broker at Craft ACT last night. After many years he finally got to meet the legendary Barbara Campbell. Barbara and David have known of each other since they were tots but never actually connected … Apparently they have not been avoiding one another for 20 years … Also, following a conversation with Andrew Nicholls he realised that one of his kiwi ash trays may well be Wembley Ware ! Andrew works on the conceptual side of ceramics with spode china, paper and walls as the canvas for drawings that evoke the crimes and misdemeanors of British imperialism in a way that is revealing in its critique and often cringing(ly) amusing. Love it! And there’s much more. Patsy Hely curated  the annual Craft ACT Accredited Professional Members’ exhibition that explores meanings associated with the word unravel. Unravel curated by Patsy Hely, Blue Australian Andrew Nicholls and Sway Harriet Schwarzrock until 17 October. 

(The Barbs) Barbaras Campbell and McConchie

(the Barbs) Barbaras Campbell and McConchie

Andrew Nicholls

Andrew Nicholls (spode palette)