PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST … as a young mimic

Torben Sko was the guest of honor at last night’s Dorkbot meeting where he gave a fascinating talk about the complex processes involved in producing a digital self portrait with a difference. Recently shown at the National Portrait Gallery and appropriately titled Self Portrait this amazing piece extends the notion of self potraiture by  involving the audience. Using facial tracking techniques the portrait actually takes on the physical behaviour of the viewer or in other words, it mimics movements and expressions … quite accurately! Driven by both artistic and technical interests Torben is currently conducting a PhD into alternative forms of interaction for computer games. Not the last we have heard of Torben!

p.s if you are going to TINA look out for DORKS ALIVE at the John Paynter Gallery in Newcastle. 

Torben (in action)

Torben (in multi-self-portrait-action)