What happens when there is a sudden gap in the CCAS Manuka program? Serge gets together a group of artists who are well known for their drawing skills and presto … instant exhibition. Luke Chiswell, Sarah Catherine Firth, Benjamin Forster, Robbie Karmel, Ishak Masukor and Adam Viekkanen literally came to the party and played the game. In three teams of two they were provided with cues and then drew for their lives while the audience attempted to guess what was on the cards. In an evening of the utmost absurdity ( even by our very high standards) the masterpieces came thick and fast. But the pictures are worth a thousand words and a flood of  photo ops tested the paparazzi like never before. Check the index page for special hours at Manuka over the next two weeks and don’t forget that Margaret Goninon is back in town for the next show To be expected. No, thats the name of the exhibition …


Sarah and Robbie

Ishak, Luk and Serge

Simon and Sam

Ben and Adam