November 22


Its that time of year again when one does exactly the same things as one did, same time, last year.  And the paparazzi are in a very bad way AGAIN following CAPO 26, the Capital Arts Patrons award night on Saturday. Denise Ferris said it could be a good night and indeed it was. Its an annual do with an art auction and lots of entertainment to raise money for local artists. While it is impossible to remember everything, suffice it  to say that Mariana del Castillo walked away with the Rosalie Gascoigne Award and plans to purchase an outrageously expensive sewing machine, Ed Whalan will go to Berlin courtesy of Singapore Airlines Travel Grant and Sarah Firth was provided with $1,000 worth of red biros. That’s what she asked for and its continuing evidence of just how helpful CAPO can be to Canberra’s artists! There was more than the usual merriment this year, divine prawns, some gorgeous frocks and a fair bit of dancing on high heels – all in the glamorous surrounds of the National Archive.  Again the pictures are worth a  thousand words.

Canberra ham: Sarah Firth and Ben Forster

 Ed Whalan and his best friend

Catrina Vignando (with necklace of the century) and Fiona Hooton

Mariana del Castillo and Alex Asch

Extra Canberra ham: db buys a work by his favourite artist Jane Barney. With consummate and consistent performers Sarah and Ben.