The final event in CCAS’s very successful 2009 performance season was a happening thing last Saturday night. It all began many moons ago with Kate Vassallo and grew into an extravaganza with Dean Butters, Elly Freer, Holly Glanville-Edge and the indomitable James Lieutenant. play_pause_repeat brought together works that streeeetched “the potential of the body, investigated the position of the body in the digital age and explored the merge of man, space and machine.” Kate’s endurance based performance concentrated on repetition as she maneuvered her way through a number of routines until she could do each, no more.  Hence the title, repeat, repeat. Other multimedia works covered life’s pausings and playings in really great ways and complemented the  performative element of the evening.

First up next year in this part of the CCAS program will be the popular and “hyperactive” Shoeb Ahmad who is in Bangladesh workin’ on it as we speak.

Kate Vasallo (endurance action) photography: Amy McGregor.

James and Kate

James and Kate

Emily, Josh and Elly