A title so witty no one is expected to get it … but CCAS  has ended the year with a bang. Friday evening witnessed the opening of three explosive exhibitions by popular ACT based artists Lucy Quinn and Alexander Boynes plus Adelaide trail blazer Nic Folland. Intrepid Lucy triumphed in the cube with Trepidation, a “cubist” mountain viewing platform in delicate shades of blue from which one can look at postcard size videos of New Zealand’s very HIGH country with an appropriate sense of vertigo. Alexander’s After Dark takes to the streets blending various printmaking techniques to produce three dimensional images that delve into the seedy sophistication of life by night. Elegant and (in spite of the CMCs) divinely dark. Nic Folland’s over flowing bathroom  offers no reasons  for a major plumbing malfunction and for various reasons unsettles everyone who walks into its bath (Freudian slip). This in-house flood is quite Freudian in fact as the subconscious takes a direct hit Without Reason. Don’t forget the gallery closes for the festive season at 4pm next Saturday 19/12 but if base consumerism is currently distracting you  from high culture, (god forbid) these three shows have another four weeks to go from mid January and right into February 2010. Where did that decade go!

That nice sheila and Bega sister, Megan Bottari and (Saint) Nic Folland

Lucy in the middle, Jessie and Luna on the side

Alexander Boynes (right) with Paul McDougall

rosing to the occasion Jacqui Bradley and Matt Nightingale

Un-retouched and un-censored Ben and Tim (new resident), with Jay in the distance

Maud, Luk and Dianna on the viewing platform