TJ Phillipson’s musings on men’s business draw an end to both PhotoAccess’s and indeed Canberra’s artistic calendar for 09. Semblance must also be the final show that is part of the ANU Art School’s excellent Emerging Artists Support Scheme (EASS) in which local galleries provide exhibition opportunities for graduates. In this  series of beautifully produced and surprisingly provocative photographs TJ elegantly balances  personal and public views on “the nature and shape of masculinity”.  It’s certainly a darkish view of blokehood but not without the very dry sense of humour that TJ has become well known for. There will be much, much more of TJ, who is of the 09 CCAS Studio Residents, in Blaze opening on 19 February. Semblance reopens 13 – 31 Januray 2010.

TJ and Gordon Bull

Emma (middle), Julia (right) and an ebullient friend on the left

the ubiquitous Ben and less ubiquitous but nonetheless well known Robert

the BIG dog