It was such a nice opening at CMAG (Canberra Museum and Art Gallery) last night that a few people, who will remain nameless, didn’t actually make it into the gallery. But exhibitions by veritable legends Ruth Waller and Jude Rae will require at least two full lunch times in the quiet sophistication of CMAG’s galleries. In this instance the quick look simply will not do. Ceremony was taken care of by  Helen Maxwell who adds more than a touch of class to every occasion … and the word is that curators Mark Van Veen and Deb Clark have done a fantastic job putting together comprehensive exhibitions by two women who have devoted their lives to art. Please note: there are no photos of Ruth because she often appears in the social pages and we don’t want to over expose her ! Ruth Waller and Jude Rae at CMAG until June 6.

Andrew, Jude (Rae) and Lucy

Emily and Ian

Abi and Kevin