One can be sure that the Australian Experimental Art Foundation’s festival opening will be a ripper as it  has been since the dawn of time. There is always a bottle neck between AEAF and the Jam as the Lion Arts Centre goes up in (cigarette) smoke and the crowd sets about drinking AEAF out of house and gallery. The paparazzi got emotional again with  a sudden flood Adelaide memories and felt right at home as the Italian Ambassador opened Rosella Bicotti’s The sun shines in Kiev which is part of the Adelaide International 2010 Apart we are together curated by Victoria Lynn. An unsettling multi media installation  “The sun shines in Kiev is based on the life of Vladimir Shevchenko, one of the first filmmakers who was allowed access to the “red zone” after the meltdown of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in 1986. In the film the incident is not mentioned and there is no visual representation of the disaster. The incident is used to reflect on the way filmakers can document extreme events and also on our sense of collective memory.”

Sarah Miller and Melinda Rackham reunion

enduring AEAF and Adelaide legend Ken Bolton

gorgeous and fun, 3 typical Adelaide people

Losing one's grip on the new Cannon with Jo, a well dressed Passer By and Russell