March 19


Over the last two years Sergej Bodulovic has metamorphosed from a person whose name we couldn’t pronounce to become a veritable legend in Canberra’s arts community. Arriving at CCAS with degrees in Commerce (Marketing) and Art History, as well as a passion for fashion, he has redefined the role of Gallery Administrator. Always generous with his time, ever resourceful and an enthusiastic supporter of the arts Serge has earned the respect of artists Australia wide. A great team player, his role in the success of our latest exhibition Blaze#4, as one of the curators and catalogue writer, is not to be sneezed at !  Serge the great rebrander is also the driving force behind a new website which will be up soon and serve as an ongoing reminder of his legacy.

We know that Serges don’t grow on trees but it will be difficult not to have his significant contribution in mind as we look for a new person to fill his shoes. Born in Sarajevo and raised in Canberra, its time for Serge to move to Sydney and CCAS staff and Board sincerely thank him for two fabulous years and wish him the very best.

Serge will be around until the end of April but in the mean time if you think you’re up to keeping the front desk tidy while charming the public and MUCH, much more, check the Duty Statement for CCAS GALLERY ADMINISTRATOR. Applications close 5PM Friday April 16 2010.

Serge holds Ben Forster’s drawing of David Broker on the set of Fictionary (CCAS Manuka)