March 25


Its almost impossible to know where to begin with Rational, Ben Forster’s exhibition of new work that opened at CCAS Manuka last night. With tags like abstracted economics, Marx, computer technologies, logic and pornography,  it sounds scary. Perhaps its because Ben is like the young master of critical thought, a visual philosopher for for the 21st century with an extraordinary sense if inquiry. He draws like da Vinci and is equally adept with new technologies. There’s digital photography, surveillance cameras and programmed receipt dispensers all of which reference computers as an analogy for systems of logic which Ben then uses to “unravel the often-irrational frameworks that exist in our day-to-day lives.” But it won’t take to long to realise that this is really a very engaging show.  As is his want, Ben tends to defy logic (in a logical way of course). Among the many great works is his screen with memory that recognises the audience’s faces  and replaces them with drawn and/or photographic images. In other words you might just find yourself with a moustache (unfortunate) or a sex change … Aristotle that great grand father of logic would have been proud. We certainly are …. At CCAS Manuka until 4 April.

Sarah and Ben

Ben and Larry