April 16


The show’s called Musk. Its by 3 of the busiest dudes in town (and social page regulars) Robbie Karmel, Ben Forster and TJ Phillipson.  Musk, as the title suggests, is all about men’s business and while the 3 have collaborated on most works they are a bit cagey when it comes to saying who did what.  But no matter … we all know them and what they do well enough. Importantly, however, there are a few surprises and as you would expect from these 3 its a spectacular show that covers a lot of bases, ideas, media and issues. At M16 Artspace until 2 May.

favourites: Tanya and Sarah

Serge and Ben arm wrestling (ed. Serge won) (ben. not true. and there is no ed. !)