April 18


While the title Day Visitor might have slightly sinister overtones its really just Gary Lee working from home. This is Gary’s Canberra suite based on a series of visits by local dudes who are photographed in various states of undress. Stripped mainly of pretence, Gary attempts and succeeds to present the “natural man” without fear or favour. And as one local legend noted at the opening “its nice to see a bit of cock back in the gallery”. No one seemed to be arguing with that ! Erik Krebs Schade’s Grand Canon (Ken and the Beach Idols Series) is the perfect compliment because it critiques the other side of the coin … the impossible “perfect” man. Based on Ken dolls, action men and porn stars Erik’s paintings – or should we say ikons or votives – take  a “quasi religious approach to the perspectivally challenged spunk”. Thanks to Megan Bottari for the quote and for first showing some of these works at the Bega Regional Gallery where the program seems pretty racy. And while we are talking racy Eric Bridgeman’s video installation Triple X Bitter cranks up the irony for a party piece that takes an in depth look at Aussie footy culture of beer, broads and racism. Three fun shows with some serious issues … until 15 May.

Gary in the middle with Jenny, Shirley and the blessed virgin

Erica and Erik

Michael and Jo

Jaklin and James

Jaklin and James!