April 22

hämmästyttävät toimistotarvikkeet

That’s … possibly … Finnish for amazing stationery but leave your stationery fetishes at the door because Stationery is not about stationery. Transformation is the name of the game and Adam Veikkanen takes commonly used objects and turns them into something quite different and usually extremely exquisite. The master of recycling, his “abstract” drawings with biros (for instance) are imposing enough but then he turns the spent cartridges into tiny objects of great beauty. Not to mention pathos. Sometimes its almost impossible to tell what he is using or how he’s done it. Or why he’s done it. Like the embossed drawings with old typewriter letters … even more astonishing when the penny drops. Also there’s “ancient” postcards obviously made in heaven and indestructible styrofoam mountains. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting artists currently working in the ACT, or anywhere for that matter, Adam has been amazing audiences with shows literally bursting with out there ideas for just over a year now.  To say  he’s clever is just so banal … the paparazzi are pretty much lost for words. Suffice it to say … look out Australia, look out world! If you miss Stationery you’re an idiot. At CCAS Manuka until 2 May.

Footnote: The paparrazzi are far from over their return from the Gold Coast. The sudden change in temperatures from 30 degrees in Surfers to 5 in Canberra (yes that’s right) has severely compromised their activities. But they are unstoppable – photographing, coughing and snorting their way through last night’s really nice opening in which Adam turned on the kegs and pretzels. The Viekkanens were out in force and when Yolande coined the term “Viekkanen power” it was prophetic …

Andrew Moynihan and Adam Viekkanen

Fiona and Ruby

Nathaniel and Isaac (Veikkanen)