May 06


Luke Chiswell might be compared with Eternity Man Arthur Stace who many years ago left his marks on the streets of Sydney. With an amazing sense of design and using recurring motifs Luke is an unusual “outsider” (with style) who has employed the streets of Canberra as the venue for his work and you might find fragments his practice pretty much anywhere. In Luuk, Luke brings the work into the Manuka gallery – the same recurring motifs appear as well as some new ones – rearranged, reformed and especially reframed. The paparazzi like this and had a very good night, with Serge’s help, and the evidence of a great opening at Manuka is below.  They (being the paparazzi) were unusually forgetful, however,  and will spend most of Friday finding out who everyone was. Must have been the Margarita and soft slightly fruity wine (thanks Jonathan and Jonathan). Luuk at CCAS Manuka until May 16.

William (Bill), Luke (man of the moment) and Sascha

Jonathan and Jonathan (friendly bar service)

Mia and Mark

Cara, Stella and Benji 

Harriett and Julia