May 22


We forgot that Helen Shelley and James Dodd are non stop party people and programming them together was always going to be fraught with the imminent danger of mass hangover. Thus it was a very long big fun night that ended up in a glamorous apartment down by the lake, which, fortunately for the neighbours, no one will ever be able to find their way back to. It should have been obvious given that Death Proof and Outback Explorer have transformed the main and middles spaces into riot of colour, some of it florescent. James Lieutenant’s Totaalvoetbal in many shades of grey is an interesting counterpoint that seems to highlight the energy of all three shows. The paparazzi were ON FIRE Friday night and as a result this is a short post to free up space for the pictures.

Elissa and Jake

Nectar, James Dodd, Matt and Al

Sam Leyshon and Helen Shelley

Kate and James Lieutenant

Karina (is back!) and Daniel

Alex and Janice (new in town)

Tara, Sophie, Pete and Nick