May 27


This post comes with a moderate obscurity warning.
It appears that only men attended the opening of Hobnob at M16 last night …  but that’s not strictly true. Had to wonder though what “hobnob” actually means. The computer says that hobnobing is to associate on very friendly terms or the archaic definition is to drink together and of course one thing can lead to another. How fortunate that there is such a great word to explain what happened in the lead up to this collaborative show. Zoe Avis, Kate Barker, Jacqueline Bradley, Rachael Freeman, Sarah Kaur, Tye McBride and Diana Jonston, hobnobed with a bunch of stuff (some people say materials , others media) and turned it all into another of M16’s memorable group exhibitions.  At M16 until 13 June.

Josh and Chris

Ishak and Bob Boynes with another magnificent work by Jacqui Bradley