June 19


Any misconceived notions that the ACT has been a tad quiet on the arts front over the last 30 or so years were finally put to rest last night as Something in the Air opened to an adoring crowd at Canberra Museum and Art Gallery. It was a night for  loud celebration of the quiet achievers who have been working away with materials and ideas that reflect life in the national capital and slightly beyond. Of course artists like Rosalie Gascoigne are widely known and highly revered but just past the fame is a tradition of collage and assemblage going back to the 1970s. The works are often modest in scale, the media on the side of arte povera, but huge on innovation and clever ideas. Curators Deb Clark and Mark Van Veen loved putting this exhibition together and it shows … everywhere one looks there are truly surprising works. But no need to go on here because Deb & Mark explain the whole epic story in their catalogue essay which (unlike most catalogues) is a bloody good read. The show was opened by CCAS Director David Broker and he finished the speech by saying … “it would be absurd to suggest that we shouldn’t be somewhat satisfied or feel a fleeting sense of pride when looking at a survey that celebrates the ways in which artists from this region have incorporated collage and assemblage into their practices.”  Don’t miss this one under any circumstances. Something in the Air at Canberra Museum and Gallery until 10 October.

p.s AND it was another very busy night for the paparazzi!

Alex Asch centre with Maija Lahteenmaki Ambassador Embassy of Finland and Dr Nestor Vargas

Gerry and Jeanette

Joanne, Danie and Megan

Gretel and Penny