July 21


The word is finally out … Anna Madeleine is the  ACT winner of the 2010 QANTAS Foundation Art Award. A very  happy Anna left the award ceremony at the Art Gallery of New South Wales last night with $10K in travel and $4K to spend while she is away. This is a brilliant award to encourage emerging artists that is based on a body of work rather than one piece (as is the case with most art awards). Even better, there is one for every state and territory. Initiated in 2008 QANTAS Foundation works with the CAOs directors who shortlist three talented and hardworking practitioners from each zone and a total of eight awards are bestowed upon the fortunate recipients. MCA Director Elizabeth Ann Macgregor announced the winners and congratulated QANTAS Foundation on such a visionary and useful award that develops artists careers. The paparazzi were there to photograph the proceedings and they had a very good time indeed … only one champers short of too many … unfortunately there were a few lapses in concentration but hey the atmosphere was fantastic – and ultra chatty – just how they like it. QANTAS gets a lot of brownie points for this one!

Anna Madeleine (ACT winner), Alan Dodge QANTAS Foundation and Daniel

Alexie Glass (Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces) and Newell Harry (NSW Winner)

Kon Gouriotis (AusCo) and Elizabeth Ann Macgregor (MCA) paparazzi note: Kon is much better looking than this picture suggests ! 

Simon Perecich (VIC winner) and paparazzi favourite Sarah

new friends Alex Davies (2008 NSW winner) and Anna Reynolds (the fabulous NT Winner)

Anna and Shirley (QANTAS Foundation)