August 12


With a title that might puzzle the riddler … Fiona Little, Liang Xia Luscomb and Dionisia Salas come together for an exhibition that continues along the path of experimentation with all things abstract. Well known in the local scene for their formidable talents in the zone of abstraction and its role in the exploration of real life experience Joint Plus Flux is an exhibition that on the one hand showcases skills while also attempting to question the relevance of paint in contemporary practice. This is an exhibition that comes with a bag of surprises! A show can’t be judged by its opening but in this instance the opening and the work were inseparable and it was great. There was lots of scintillating conversation on topics including,  casual sex & surveillance in East Berlin, the meaning of life or the possibility that we all live in a big can (berra). Hmmm, someone must have left it in the fridge. Joint Plus Flux at CCAS Manuka until 22 August.

Dioni Salas and Greg

Mary, Fiona Little and Ed

Liang Luscombe and Emma

Clare, TJ and Paul