September 14


It’s the perfect name for an a-r-i that literally happens here when its here and there when its there. Last night H&T launched its second exhibition Love Letters in a house in Dickson and it included several of Canberra’s most talented up and coming artists. Working with the theme of love and letters (surprise!) Poppy Malik, Jonathan Webster, Helani Laisk and Stedman Watts produced a lot of work that looked at love from many different angles and there was a significant amount of crossover  among artists – like one work merges into another making it difficult to tell who did what. Sounds a little promiscious n’est ce pas. Above is an interview with Dan Edwards and Shellaine Goldbold talking about how it started and how it works. And obviously this idea was the perfect distraction for an airborne Shellaine.

Fashion icons John and Chris mustard revolution