September 23


I think it was the Mother Superior in The Sound of Music who said, “when the lord closes a door he opens a window”. Well who else would say that?

Following the EXTREMELY unfortunate departure of Yolande Norris, Annika Harding has been offered the position of Gallery Administrator. Annika was an intern at CCAS in 2008 and during that time she became familiar with all the nuances of operating in the (ever so slighty) crazy world of contemporary art spaces. Annika was loved by everyone in the kingdom and when her internship came to an end she joined the Graduate Program, Department of Education, Employment and Work Place Relations and there she remained throughout 2009.

Annika, who is sensible and kind, returns with a BA Honours Art History (First Class!) from ANU and bucket loads of enthusiasm. She curated her first exhibition of works by Elena Papanikolakis at CCAS Manuka in February 2009 and she has also written about the arts for various publications. While she was away Annika developed an understanding of youth issues and was involved in the production of a report on income support and employment services for people with disabilities. In short, the return of Annika has generated great excitement.

p.s Annika appears twice in the previous post: a tribute to Yolande

Elena Papanikolakis and Annika Harding at CCAS Manuka