October 21

someTHING for EVERYone

Canberra’s busiest dudes Richard Blackwell and Tim Dwyer get together with Rowan McNaught to present Everything. And why not? Its a cool show with a kind of structural feel exploring different methods of collage in video, sound photography and 3D.  Could say, decoupage for blokes but that would be pushing it. Rowan is from Melbourne, one thinks, so he wasn’t at the opening. However, Martyn Jolly spent an awful long time with his video work, and seemed to be having a jolly good time. And that can’t be a bad thing. Everything is at CCAS Manuka until 31 October.

Zebulon, Richard Blackwell, Adam, Baeyer and Fiona

foreigners from Ireland and the UK: Steph, Josh and Paul

Joy, Kay, Tim Dwyer, Emily “the legend” and Simon