January 05


typical canberra party scene

For this New Year message one is not going to talk about how the battered and bruised paparazzi near died from Margarita poisoning on Christmas Eve and fell over* at Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak’s fabulous New Years Eve party, but rather, the increasing and incredible success of the social pages themselves. As of today 18,532 people have visited the the blog since its modest  beginnings in August 2009. We know that this is scarcely impressive in You Tube terms but for CCAS its nothing short of amazing. The visitor graph is quite simply a steep incline. Drunk with success – 2011 will be another big year for the social pages and hopefully will include include events in Australia and overseas. So lets raise our glasses to more gossip and innuendo, more events, more travel, more dubious behaviour – more everything in 2011. *  No photos, you had to be there.