January 18


Naturally we have been sick with worry about our friends in Queensland following the horrors of last week. Many of Brisbane’s cultural facilities of course are elegantly perched on the side of the river and quite frankly a few days ago it was impossible to feel anything but despair. Now that everyone is gathering themselves and tackling mountains of toxic sludge and a sea of trash … the (cultural) news is relatively good.

The Queensland Centre for Photography who hosted Low Life with CCAS last year was flooded but in the true spirit of QCP looks like they were on top of it in a couple of days  !

Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art are closed but don’t appear to have any damage to work. There is however some cleaning up to be done.

Brisbane Powerhouse has minimal damage – this is a miracle. The image below is of BPH’s very nice public art work which spells the top half of FLOOD. This work by Richard Tipping was installed when the Powerhouse opened circa 2000 to commemorate the 1974 floods. I remember it seemed like a cute, clever, idea at the time. Never in our wildest dreams …. More scary pics and stories HERE

proppaNOW managed to get everything upstairs at the 11th hour and water made it to the car park. No work lost.

Queensland College of the Arts gorgeous riverside campus also doing okay in the circumstances and the clean up is well under way.

Richard Tipping Watermark (Flood) 2000