February 18


Daniel Vukovljak sets the tone with Rip-6x (2010) 

Year five and we really are getting low on fire cliches for Blaze – CCAS’s annual emerging artists exhibition. Blaze#5 opened last night and it was something of a coming of age. Annual exhibitions like this are a developing archive of emerging activity in the ACT and while the level of change from year to year might seem relatively modest when you look back to 2007 there has been enormous changes in the nature or work and concerns of artists. The curatorium for #5 was Annika Harding and Alexander Boynes who have pieced together a very cohesive exhibition with no interference from CCAS Director (although we have heard that he thinks they are fussy).  Blaze focuses heavily on structure, form and texture this year and as one walks the line through the gallery each work seems to introduce the next – this is exactly what you want in a survey show. Blaze is as much a celebration as an exhibition and as the show gets better so do the openings. Photos will increase as the hangovers set in and Saturday begins to drag. Don’t miss Blaze#5 at CCAS Gorman House until 2 April.

the inimitable Tim Dwyer (right) and friend. Bonus: Alex between. 

paradise? end of the world? Tim Dwyer’s audience of tomorrow 

the indomitable Emma Beer

the incredible Natalie Mather

Chris Carmody and Dan Vukovljak

Luke and Tim’s bro 

Daniel, Heike, Cat 

Merryn and Josh 

Jemima and Lucy 

en fin: something completely ridiculous – clockwise: Alexander Boynes, Natalie Mather, David Broker, Dan Edwards, Emma Beer, Chris Carmody, Tim Dwyer, Annika Harding, Suzanne Moss, Dan Vukovljak