February 24

YAH 10 – 20 March

a caption here would simply state the obvious

If you are wondering what to do with yourself  over the next few weeks (and who isn’t? ) the horizon is buckling under the pending strain of an EXPLOSION …

of intense creative yet youthful activity. Slight exaggeration warning – The likes of which, Canberra has never seen. You are Here is on the way and Yolande (missing you still) Norris is part of the YAH team that will deliver … make no mistake. Yolande says and she never misleads, ” We’re using found and unusual spaces to present a crazy rambling array of events, including visual art, theatre, performance art, installation, music, experimental music, music that’s more like sounds than music, circus arts, dance, poetry, spoken word, words that are spoken so it’s more like poetry, fashion, street art, bikes, roller derby and a nomadic family who lives on the street. Madness in a can. Or the can.” The paparazzi can’t wait for this one.