March 16


You Are Here is in full flight and last night the paparazzi happened to stumble upon Tom Doig’s performance, Selling Ice to the Remains of the Eskimos. And they were glad they did. Doig works in a prickly zone of comedy on the edge of humour where parts of gig are breathtakingly not funny and he clearly delights in the squirm (cringe factor). You need bucket loads of charm and a clean pair of knickers to pull this off and fortunately this Tom’s got what it takes. Wearing little more than a sad imitation of Inuit fur lined headwear (it sure aint seal) he stuffs ice in his undies while talking about the effects of melting igloos on the flood plans of Bangladesh. If this all sounds dodgy, it is, but its also a performance that cleverly critiques itself via multileveled meta commentaries. Yeah, you really gotta be there. Doig’s menu of raw ridicule ultimately imagines, Sydney and Melbourne submerged – and Canberra as a tropical island. Goodbye Bondi / HELLO Belco. Sadly this is not too much of a stretch … on a strangely humid night. Check out what’s happening and been happening HERE.

Heroic : Tom Doig dons a fetching dolphin suit