March 20


Pedro was back at the Manuka bar and going hard on Friday night. He wouldn’t have  been disappointed with either the wine or the exhibition of new work by the unsinkable Emma Beer (not that anyone is trying to sink her – it should be noted). Emma, who  has developed a bit of a rep as the mistress of abstract gloom seems to have had a slight change of heart for the informalities of a shit miracle. Although she hasn’t changed her complex tonal palette of greys, greens and black there is a lighter touch evident in this series and it suits her very well. Glossy reflective surfaces and strokes that provide the illusion of 3D make for a lively first impression … and you don’t need to wait for more. As Annika said in her essay for Blaze#5 , “Emma Beer has a full-on, no-holds-barred relationship with paint. Her large abstract paintings subsequently command attention, and expertly seduce. … Beer’s recent paintings are dark and deliciously heavy, but these qualities are complemented and enriched by sensual subtleties of tone and texture; layering and detail; chaos and order.” Look out Dale Frank ! …. CCAS Manuka 18-27 March.

Emma Beer and her glamorous flat mate

Lia, Leah and Tanya

The Dans

Austin, Andy and Josh