March 24


Since she was 12 years old her every move was followed by flashing bulbs and today the paparartzzi are inconsolable following the passing of the one the Italians called “the last Goddess”. One of the great actors of the 20th century many of her movies scaled the heights of high art while others dredged the depths of popular trash. And at their very best … it was impossible to tell the difference. There are few words that adequately describe this extraordinary movie icon who has scandalised and delighted the world for 70 years straight (and of course, not so straight). And so they say it with pictures because only the pictures even begin to tell her incredible story.

“Ohhhh, Elizabeth Taylor, ohhhh. She’s so glamorous”.  Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Liz 1963

Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean (Giant) 1956

Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Avedon 1964

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson