March 31


If you have seen Chris Carmody’s inside out pop up books (with keep clear signs) in Blaze#4 you will know that Chris is … a wee bit unusual. He has recently been in India photographing things that look like keep clear signs and as it turns out they are a global phenomenon. Chris is well known for having an eye for the bleeding obvious but at the same time completely overlooked. Its a weird world of quirky familiarity that is revealed in his enormously engaging works that are entertaining and often a bit or worry. Chris is one of those rare artists with a unique and fascinating mind that amazes audience with “simple ideas” and minimal materials. If you love irony, paradox, surprises and smart art this is the show for you! Like a Rolling Ball at CCAS Manuka until 10 April.

Chris Carmody and Hannah

Rob and Roof

Kate and Tim (Chris’s bro)

Emma and Chris