May 13


Being one of the few interstaters who shows in the Manuka Gallery Barbara Doran braved much more than Canberra’s sudden cold snap to introduce her work to the ACT. Manuka can get a bit bleak at this time of year when the winds come direct form the Pole and Elle à Donné warms the space with its drawing room ambience . Barbara of course is expat Canberran and a psychology grad of ANU who went off to Sydney to study art. One of her other claims to fame is that she was a childhood playmate of Julian Laffan and both lived in the same street as Sasha Grishin and GW Bot. Anyway to make a long story short both Barbara and Julian grew up to be excellent artists and one would be irresponsible not to have a look at Barbara’s exhibition at CCAS Manuka until 22 May.

Barbara Doran and Julian Laffan

jacket snap with Alex Moffatt and Dean Butters