May 26


Ishak Masukor’s Half Space is more that just an exhibition of abstract painting. He has organised the work in the gallery so that it appears to have become an architectural feature. In other words the works become one …. with the half space. Figure that out ! Alice Dickins really got into it when she wrote one of her ever more fabulous press releases and said, “Deep reds and purples fight it out through violent slashes in a climactic battle for the domination of space. Slicing through this spectacle like a space ship traversing the origins of the universe, geometric shapes force their calm and controlled path across the paintings. Like lasers they pierce the fabric of the explosion of chaos.” GO ALICE. What makes Ishak different is his natural (uncontrived) intensity. And further, very reasonable prices for great works are a good reason to give your credit card a workout … there will be no pain. At CCAS Manuka until 5 June.

Ishak Masukor and Rachael Freeman

Omar and Helen Musa

Martin and Sirena ( Ishak’s sister)