May 26


Amande In residence … Photomedia … ANU Art School … is having quite an effect on Canberra. Some would call her a very bad influence and consequently there is a growing appreciation of her enormous contribution. For Amande is nothing if not vehement as she and several of her students hacked into the walls of the art school foyer leaving the floor (and walls) in a shocking state of disrepair. Armande provided cocktails for the opening and in accordance with CCAS Director David Broker’s wishes delivered large bowls of cosmopolitans which Peter Fitzpatrick carried dutifully through the weaving section. ¬†David said later he had never seen so much vodka and lets face it he’s seen quite a lot. Si dangereux …. mais c’est Amande !

Amande + Lucinda &Elyia, her beautiful students (1)

Amande + Lucinda &Elyia, her beautiful students (2)

David Broker joins in

Lisa and Josh

Viktor and Annika

Bronia’s silver sequin cladded sneaker