June 01


e. Menura superba Priscilla Bracks affixing plastic feathers to e. Menura superba Image: Gavin Sade

Did the dork with Priscilla Bracks and Gavin Sade in Brisbane last night. Gav and Cil have been doing fabulous interactive works that blend innovation with some serious satirical humour. The results are brillant as we can see in the image above. Have a look at their website immediately, its KUUKI.  The paparazzi were at their talk insanely snapping away at these digital screen sex symbols. Look out for the next Dorkbot event Thursday June 30 with Ian Haig who is coming from Melbourne to show and talk about his film Chronicles of the New Human Organism. Prepare to be astonished !

Priscilla and Gavin 1

Priscilla, Arki and Gavin 2