June 23


Its easy to forget in this city of delayed abstraction that there are other zones of hot activity. With Paul Hay on at Gorman House and now Dan Stewart-Moore at CCAS Manuka we are reminded that sculpture in this town continues to rock – as it always did. Metaphors for a Stuff Up is a class act. Alice hit the nail on the head again when she said Dan’s ” … metal works glimmer with the shine of new technology. As one of the causes of climate change, technology can also be our saviour. His works are metaphors filled with hope as well as concern. From Pop clouds, man-made rain falls, black and metallic. Foreboding in their inorganic nature, these sad clouds float across the gallery wall as a warning. Where these “Cloud Concerns” present a possible future if change does not occur, “The Seventh Wave” is optimistic. In surf culture the Seventh Wave gives the greatest buzz. This wave of metal offers hope in its smooth form. New technologies, electric cars and renewable energy sources can create a man made solution to a man made problem. So yes, there was a stuff up, but you will not leave this exhibition in despair. Though black clouds may loom on our horizon, the seventh wave lies in wait just around the corner.” Until 3 July NOTE 20% of all sales to Greening Australia.

Kensuke Todo and Dan Stewart-Moore

Alex and Dan with some fabulous grafitti

Brendan and Dan with some fabulous clouds by Dan Stewart-Moore