June 25


It has been a bad week for the paparaazi courtesy of the ash cloud spewed into the atmosphere by Mount Puyehue Cordon Caulle – in what we used to think was far off Chile. How are we going to be when one of New Zealand’s volcanoes blows?  Can’t be far away. So the paparazzi are not in Brisbane and continue to be run of their feet by Canberra’s extended gruelling round of openings. Goodness we are not even getting to all of them. Anyway last night began with a quick dash to Belco where you can see Changes with work by a number of local Indigenous artists especially for NAIDOC week. Then it was back into Alex’s hairdressermobile and straight to CMAG, no speeding, stone cold sober, to the opening of Deb Clark’s latest curatorial adventure Imitation of Life which shows a host of classy works by ACT artists. But more about this one later. Just a few pics from last night ….

Changes : Jenni Kemarre Martiniello and Lindy Delian (Lindy’s work in the background)

Changes: Jason Davidson

Imitation of Life: Ham and Dave

Imitation of Life: Julian Laffan and Rachel Bowack