July 08


We all went down to Megalo last night hoping for a sing-a-long and what did we get ? A fabulous exhibition of prints and “wall paper” by Mini Graff. Mini must be one of the hottest artists in all of the Antipodes  right now and its easy to see why. She is one of a new generation of artists who seem to give a shit and her work is highly charged (speaking politically) and relentlessly satirical. Her humour is bound to make you quite uncomfortable. Mini is an artist of the streets whose stencils and prints work brilliantly in galleries where her straight to the point messages loose none of their punch. Yes the paparazzi are quite taken with Mini! She is from New Zealand, based in Sydney and will be back  in Canberra to speak on Thursday 21 July for an International Symposium at Australian National University, Public interactions: dialogues on art and public space. Session 1: Border raids and ephemeral strategies: Guerilla activities and temporary public projects 11am – 1pm. Also speaking Clouston and Boyd, artists, Australia; David Cross, artist, director, Litmus Research Initiative and co-convenor of One Day Sculpture, New Zealand and CCAS Director David Broker will be in the chair – as usual. Anyway Don’t miss PRIVACY: an exhibition of screen printed posters by Mini Graff at Megalo print studio until 23 July.

Mini Graff