July 08


Fiona Veikkanen pulled a big crowd of hairy faces at The Front last night. Warmth and Welcome doesn’t abandon the  household / everyday objects familiar in Fiona’s oeuvre but rather it focuses her excellent ideas on those that are made from textiles. Fiona is an artist who has always attempted to dissolve the distinctions between art, craft, sculpture and the mundane manufactured objects we surround ourselves with. She has gone very homey with Warmth and Welcome including woollen garments, blankets and yarn to make objects that convey a sense of warmth that is communicated in the language of the “home made”  or “hand made” which of course is what art often is. In other words Fiona explores the very notion of “home made” and positions it in the zone conceptual practice or if you like HIGH art. Warmth and Welcome is an EASS (ANU Emerging Artists Support Scheme) exhibition and Fiona is a CCAS studio resident so we will be seeing quite a lot of her over the next few months.  At the Front in Wattle Street Lyneham Shops until Monday 11 July. Thanks to Julia Boyd for taking the photos!

L-R Paul Jamieson, Bayer, Fiona Veikkanen and Zebulon

Adam, Bayer, Fiona and Tom

Stephen and Chris

Phil Grimmet

John Webster & MO

Adam and a friend