July 15


Twas a big night out following the openings of shows by Jacqui Bradley, Andrzej Zieliński and Ash Keating. Nothing to say extra about the shows other than these three are class acts one and all. Andrzej was unable to make it because he is in the USA but Ash and Jacqui were in attendance and they are always good value. Jacq’s boat dress has been an enormous hit with the GP already and her picnic frock and tree hugging gloves shed new light on the idea of functionality. But as you know the paparazzi are unable to write with a hangover so for more information ask Alice the CCAS oracle. We hear that David Broker and Ash Keating rocked up at the ice rink in Garema Place last night around 11 O’something with every intention of getting into skates and onto ice. Seduced no doubt by the twinkling snowflakes and disco beat they didn’t quite make it. Enough said. Both are fine today in Brisbane and Melbourne respectively where they cannot get into any mischief …. The Outdoors Type, Prototype and ACTIVATE 2750 at CCAS Gorman House Galleries until 20 August.

Shellaine Godbold and Annika Harding

Anni Doyle Wawzrynczak and Ash Keating

Julia and Roman

Joseph and Lance

Shelly and Mia

Heather and Sam

Fraser, Brendan and Miranda