July 21


Shellaine might seem a bit over exposed in the social pages but hey she’s just so damn photogenic. And she is not throwing herself in front of the camera she is just out and about a lot. You could say that she is a social inspiration as well as a butterfly and a prolific artist. CCAS Manuka looked like a gallery with chicken pox last night with all the red dots and fans at the opening literally fighting over the works – no punch ups – but some loudish argument. Shellaine is one of the Canberra artists who does strange things with goodness knows what. In other word its hard to know what her media are and who cares. Her exquisite objects both large and small extist in a liminal zone between beautiful and strange … sometimes slightly bizarre but not totally weird slightly repellent objets of desire … if you catch the drift and should be by now!  But best see Another Body for yourself at CCAS Manuka until 31 July

Shellaine Godbold

Alana and Keith

Tom and Dan