August 07


Youthful she may be but Hanna Cormick has been extremely active in Canberra over the last couple of years. Hanna is an actor who has crashed all art forms with Last Man to Die and there are few people in the ACT art scene who won’t know who she is. Now, in the repertoire expanding (OR) we see the results of her explorations into traditional Balinese wood carving and Kecak dance. Hanna has been mentored as part of Ausco’s JUMP program by Ida Bagus Anom who has an international reputation for extraordinary masks. Amazingly – Hanna has been carving masks as well as drawing on Kecak and Western theatre techniques to create this sophisticated hybrid event at the Belconnen Art Centre where she has been artist-in-residence. Hanna is a real trouper and for her each step is a great leap forward. Stay tuned for more JUMP mentees James and Emma Batchelor who will perform in Close Range at CCAS October 8. And prepare to be amazed.

Hanna Cormick

Alex and Peter