August 15


Video: Sistagirls 24HR Art Darwin 13/8/11

Saturday arvo and the Darwin Festival is in full swing. There was a lot of people and much excitement at 24HR Art for the opening of Bindi Cole’s Sistagirls and a special performance by the girls themselves. Sistagirl is the term used to describe a transgender person in Tiwi Island culture, the traditional term is Yimpininni. As Catholicism took hold and many traditions were lost,this term became a thing of the past. The Tiwi Island Sistagirl community contains a complex hierarchy, including a ‘Queen Sistergirl’, politics, and a significant history of pride and shame. Bindi’s brilliant photographs and a great documentary  is essentially a collaboration in which we see Sistagirls reposition themselves within their own culture (and outside). Its quite an eye opener and shows how gutsy these girls need to be – just to be themselves. At 24HRArt until 3 September.

Bindi Cole

Sistagirls Foxxy Empire, Laura Bidda and Bimbo

Brian Tucker and Steve Eland