September 22


You could be excused for thinking you’d taken a ride with Michael J Fox when arriving at Kate Barker’s new exhibition A Matter of Time at CCAS Manuka. An overwhelming sense of nostalgia washes over you upon entering the gallery, warm wooden panels and interweaving scenes of childhood and the everyday play against each other on the surface. However, the application of the paint and washes, and what has consciously been omitted from the image, is what gives it a contemporary, even futuristic feeling. Barker’s paintings reflect the way our memories work, some things clear and fully described, while other elements become distorted, feint, or even vanish.

Make sure to see this show before it’s gone….. Closing this Sunday at 5pm.

Kate and Amy

Rachael, Ishak, and the latest edition to the art baby gang, Noah!

Kate and Naomi

Art Lovers