October 09

FREE RANGE 1 (social)

The CCAS performance program took a great leap forward last night. Coordinated by Alex Boynes, Close Range placed a sharp focus on intersection of dance, movement, sound, visual arts and physical space. Following a day of “dance video” in the gallery the evening began with a challenging and highly entertaining performance in which Kate Vasallo set the scene by introducing the gallery – floor, walls, lighting, doors – as a complete space for activity and artistic occupation. Moving amongst the crowd Kate effectively used humor to decisively remove the barrier between audience and performer. Meanwhile/simultaneously James and Emma Batchelor (Amber McCartney + Chloe Chignell) employed the trappings of theatre (sets and costumes) for a tableau with minimal movement that paradoxically deconstructed the notion theatricality in relation to the spectacular video in wonderland that they have been working on as part of a Jump mentorship. Adelina Larsen with Reuben Ingall focused attention on the minutiae of movement with a lyrical work based on an exquisite blend of silhouette and sound. Then Laura Boynes and Tristan Parr cleaned up with a beautifully timed performance of sweeping contextual relevance that seemed to evoke everything from Madonna to Fritz Lang and Stravinsky. It was all about control, a masterpiece of personalized choreography by instruction, played to a resonating electric cello and highly harmonized imagery. A large audience came to Close Range with high expectations and left with much, much more.

Emma and James Batchelor

Reuben Ingall and Adelina Larsen

Laura Boynes and Tristan Parr

Rob, Chris and Jake

Toma and Drew

Alison, Ryan, Jessica and Patrick

Lauren, Amber and Madeleine

Alexis and Cara

Sarah, Greg and Tom