November 22


Alright already ! The social secretary begs your forgiveness for not announcing that  Adam Viekkanen is the ACT winner of the QANTAS encouragement of contemporary art ward for 2011. The poor secretary was totalled in  Turkey when it all happened and yes, they lost it … but only temporarily. Adam was a CCAS studio resident in 2010 and CCAS Director David Broker was frequently heard referring to him as the “resident genius”. That is quite an accurate description because Adam is what we might call an artists’ artist. In other words Canberra’s arty types hold him in high esteem for a practice in which he continues to produce astonishing objects with the most unlikely materials. Adam can turn a pigs ear into a silk purse and its truly satisfying that he has been recognised with this prestigious award. Adam joins an elite group of ACT artists – Karena Keys, Tiffany Cole and Anna Madeleine to become the first bloke to win the ACT award. He also joins an incredible bunch of practitioners from every corner of the continent (pictured above). Adam will receive $10,000 in travel, $4,000 allowance and $4,000 for a public project. We hear from the humming birds that Adam might go to Brazil, Belo Horizonte in fact, to investigate the Brazilian propensity for arte povera. Although that is unconfirmed – leave it with the paparazzi.