November 23


Its that time of year again when graduating students everywhere strut their stuff. First cab of the rank is CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology) Creative Industries and what an impressive debut for the class of 11. This year you can see the fruits of everyone’s labour in a new format, at one place and pretty much one time. They hired the ENTIRE Kingston bus depot and constructed an enormous exhibition/event that attracted zillions of people. Yes it nearly killed both students and lecturers putting it all together but Momentum provides an invaluable exercise in real life that is often missing from tertiary education. Its all about practical skills, organisation  and team work and its always great to see the grads taking such pride in their work. CIT is an institution that provides educational opportunities for many people who wouldn’t otherwise have them and its particularly satisfying to see the art and design students doing so well. Good work everyone and jolly hockey sticks !

Ben and his brilliant remote control shark

Cate Moxey and Paris

Amanda and Hale

Pat and Daniel

Tara and Gav

Fiona Dace Lynn (Lecturer, Visual Arts and Design) and Kerry Williams (Director, Creative Industries CIT)